Amazon Price Check

Amazon Price Check 1.3.0

Verify product prices instantly before purchasing


  • Reads bar codes and product pictures users take
  • Compares prices with products in Amazon's own inventory
  • User reviews of products available to read
  • Purchase products from Amazon's store in a few simple clicks


  • Not available outside the United States
  • Many features are unavailable without a built-in camera


Amazon Price Check is an app primarily for the iPhone, although some useful features do work on the iPod Touch and iPad as well. The app allows you to instantaneously check and compare the prices of store products with's own inventory.

What makes Amazon Price Check so useful is the app's many product recognition features. You can scan a product bar code and match the item with one in stock at to compare merchant pricing, for one. If your device also has a camera, you can snap a picture of the item as well. Amazon Price Check has a photo matching algorithm that will automatically match your picture to a number of different products, including books, DVDs, and CDs. You can even make use of Amazon Price Check's voice search option. Just speak the name of the product in question, and Amazon Price Check will provide you with a product match and its price.

The app is easy to use, allowing you to search by categories, such as books, movies, music, and electronics. In addition, if you're interested in other buyers' opinions about the product, Amazon Price Check provides customer reviews and ratings straight from Amazon's main website. If you like what you see, you can even buy the product online in just a few, simple clicks via the app itself.

Unfortunately, the app only provides information on's United States inventory, and prices are in U.S. dollars. If you're not based in the United States, this app won't work for you. Additionally, if you own a device that does not come equipped with a built-in camera, many of Amazon Price Check's greatest features will not be available to you.

If you want to verify shopping deals before buying, Amazon Price Check is a great tool with which to do so.

Amazon Price Check


Amazon Price Check 1.3.0

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